Martellus Bennet Heading To New England


Charles Rex Arbogast/Associated Press
After weeks of speculation, Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennet is on the move. In a surprising move, the team traded Bennet to the New England Patriots for a forth round draft pick. New England is also acquiring a sixth round pick in the deal.

In 11 games last season, Bennet had 53 receptions, 439 yards, and 3 touchdowns. Seeing from what Bennet did in the 2014 season, last season was a drop-off production wise for him. It did not help that he was injured as well for parts of the season. Besides all of that, Bennet put up average numbers last season with Jay Cutler as quarterback.

The team is getting a solid catching and blocking tight end in Bennet, so I’d say what the team gave up was worth it. New England now has two really great tight ends, and Bill Belichick knows how to use his tight ends really well. Bennet has good hands that ultimately match his speed.

This will be his best chance to win a Super Bowl title in my opinion, so this should be able to motivate him to produce better numbers in 2016. Playing with one of the greatest quarterbacks in league history in Tom Brady does not hurt either. 

Bennet does have a attitude problem, but from what history has shown us, New England knows how to deal with players that has attitude problem (take Randy Moss for example).

During the 2010 season, the Patriots used a two tight end system in the offense with Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. It was really effective, catching teams off guard. The two headed monster of a tight end combination lasted from 2010-2012. Bennet is the type of tight end the team has been missing since Hernandez got convicted.

The Bears needed to get rid of Bennet, it was obvious that he was not happy there. Now with Bennet gone, the team can focus on next season and the rest of the offseason. It is always good to get draft picks when you are a rebuilding team. This does work for the Bears, but the team maybe could of gotten a little more for Bennet.

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