Marlins Hire Dan Jennings As New GM


After being nearly no-hit by the Atlanta Braves pitcher Shelby Miller, the Marlins organization has decided to part ways with general manager Mark Redmond, replacing him with well respected scout and executive Dan Jennings.

If you take a look into Jennings coaching career, he hasn’t coached a game of baseball since his days at Davidson High School in Mobile, Alabama, almost 30 years ago. Jennings has spent the last 13 years as a well respected figure in the Marlins front office, previously being employed as a scout for the Reds and Mariners, as well as over seven seasons as the scouting director for the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Marlins have dropped to 16-22, which is now six games behind the Mets in the NL East.  With the cards that the Marlins are dealt, Jennings will have to act quick to put his team back on track.  The last time the Marlins won a series was May 3rd, where they defeated the Phillies in 2 of 3 games.  If it weren’t for a late push in the 7th inning against the Dodgers, which lead to a 5-4 win for the Marlins, the team would be sitting on a 7 game losing streak at the moment.

Dan Jennings may have been an odd choice to become the next GM, as he seems to be an expert on every aspect of baseball except for coaching the game itself.  Will this ultimately pay off for the team? I have trouble believing so, due to the fact that the roster doesn’t have enough depth to it as of now.


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