Markakis Continues Historical Streak

On Thursday night, the Atlanta Braves outfielder Nick Markakis extended his streak of consecutive games without an error in the outfield to 393. When asked about his accomplishments, Markakis didn’t feel the need to celebrate as he stated the following:

““I’m just doing my job, doing what I’m supposed to be doing,” Markakis said Thursday afternoon. “Catch the ball, throw the ball, hit your cutoff man, don’t try to do anything out of the ordinary.”

Back in 1990-1994 seasons, Darren Lewis became the record holder at 392 games without an error. Markakis signed himself a four-year, 44 million dollar contract with the Braves, and it seems he’s been worth every penny. 

The last time Markakis won himself a Golden Globe Award? Just look back to last year as he won it with his previous team, the Baltimore Orioles. Markakis continues to strive for perfection, and there is just no guessing to when this streak will end. 

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