Main Event Of UFC 200 Pulled From Card


With just a few days until one of the biggest UFC shows of the year, the card just took a massive blow. UFC announced that the main event of UFC 200 Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones has been pulled from the card due to potential doping violation by Jones. With just two days until the show, the main event will now seemingly be Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt in Lesnar’s first fight in a few years.

In 24 fights in the UFC, Jones has a record of 23-1-0, only losing the one fight via DQ. In his time with the UFC, Jones has proven that he is one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world, dominating everyone that he has faced in the octagon with his ability to control the ground and get people to submit. Even though Jones is great on the ground, his standup game is nothing to ignore.

When Jones was on top of the world, it was all taken away from him. On April 27, 2015, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jones was involved in a hit and run early the pervious morning. When the UFC heard about this, the company had no choice but to not only strip Jones of the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship, but the company also suspended him.

With this happening just two days before the event, this a big blow to the company. This title match had so much built up leading up to the event, with Jones and Cormier going back and forth, trash talking trying to get under each other skins. When this type of thing happens in the UFC, the company has time to find a replacement to fight in the fighters place, but with this being on really short notice, the company has really no time to find a replacement with the event on Saturday night. Losing the main event of this event is also going to make the company lose a lot of money since a lot of MMA fans were planning to buy this on Pay Per View just to see this fight but now this happens.

On the fan side of things, a lot of MMA fans were looking forward to this fight for a long time, since this is a rematch from the first time Jones and Cormier fought, which Jones won. With this fight now pulled from the card, this rematch will have to wait longer to happen to depend on what the UFC does with Jones. Even though the main event is not going to happen, UFC 200 should still be a great show with Lesnar returning.

On the Jones side of things, this is really bad for him. With him just returning a few months ago from a suspension, the last thing Jones needs right now is failing a drug test but it happened. Jones will no doubt be in the dog house right now with Dana White and the rest of the UFC front office. The company’s trust in Jones is most likely now completely gone. It will take Jones longer now to get back the title that he has never lost in the first place. It would not shock me if the UFC suspends Jones after this.

Credit John Locher/Associated Press

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