Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 17 Recap


The show opens with Brian Cage in Dario Cueto’s office; complaining about how Chavo Guerrero stole his Aztec Medallion. Cueto tells Cage that he better get it back before Chavo puts it in the Gift of the Gods belt or else Guerrero will be in the match. Both men go to the ring and one by one, each Aztec Medallion holder puts their medallion in the belt as Dario mocks them because he’s El Jefe. Guerrero comes to the ring and Cage attacks him, stealing his bag in the process. He pulls out what he believes is an Aztec Medallion, but it is actually a washer and Guerrero attacks Cage with a chair and puts his medallion in the belt.

Next there is a match between Daga, Kobra Moon, Argenis, and Mascarita Sagrada. Famous B takes over for Melissa Santos and announces Mascarita Sagrada’s entrance, but not before he tells everyone to contact him at (423) GET-FAME. The action is fast paced and very entertaining. Kobra Moon has Sagrada covered but instead slithers off and lets Daga get the pin. After the match, she tries to hit on Daga but Daga is not interested.

After the match we go backstage where Marty the Moth Martinez is telling Killshot that they have a match tonight. Marty makes gun jokes (because his name is Killshot. Get it?) and Killshot proceeds to beat him up and leave him lying on the floor. Marty and Killshot have a very competitive, hard-hitting match that ends with Killshot getting the victory. After the match, Marty hits Killshot with two curb stomps and steals his dog tags.

Finally we have our main event which is for the Gift of the Gods Championship. During the match, we get fun character moments as Joey Ryan hits on Sexy Star and Sexy and Mack team up to clear the ring before fighting each other. After some high impact moves from Aerostar and Siniestro de la Muerte, all the competitors attack Guerrero because he’s just so easy to hate. Then Cage comes to the ring. Instead of attacking Guerrero like expected, he attacks all the other wrestlers and pulls Chavo on to Joey Ryan for the victory. After the match, Cage announces that Dario has informed him that he will face him next week for the title. The show ends with Guerrero looking scared while Cage says that “he’s not a man, he’s a machine”.


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