LeBron James’ Finals Record Is Overrated


In the NBA we have all-time greats such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, among others. One of the players that is on the fence is LeBron James. James has had, no doubt, a great career, but when brought up as one of greats, his finals record is brought up. LeBron James is 2-4 in the Finals, but does it matter all that much? I don’t believe so and I’m here to tell you why.

Anytime someone is considered an all-time great, their finals record (A.K.A. how many “rings” they have) is brought up. But why? Getting an NBA title is a team effort, not a single person has led their team to a title with no help. 

I’m not saying that you have to put together another dream team, but you have to have solid role players (just to clear the air, LeBron did have help in Miami,so I’m not looking at that time period).

Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen, Kobe had Shaq, Magic had Kareem, Curry has Klay and Green, etc. Every winning team has great teammates, except in Cleveland, what has LeBron had? 

Until his current return, he had nothing, he had to carry the team. Last year he “had” Love and Kyrie, who were injured all of the Finals. So he hasn’t exactly had the best team in Cleveland. If you want to look at his Miami years with Bosh, Ray, and Wade, he won 2 rings.
We’ve declared that LeBron has rings, but let’s look at some of the players that never won a title. 

John Stockton, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing. Allen Iverson, Penny Hardaway and Charles Barkley are just some players that never won a title. Are these players not good too? Well how about some players that didn’t have a good record in the finals, the 2 most notable ones being Jerry West (the NBA logo) and Wilt Chamberlain (who is statistically the best NBA player ever) with Jerry West being 1-8 in the Finals and Wilt being 2-4 (Just like LeBron).

LeBron James is truly one of a kind. He is like Magic Johnson with more muscle, meaning that he can play every position on the floor. He knows when to score, yet he still has the above-average passing IQ to feed his teammates. 

He understands the game and isn’t in the NBA to earn money. He is there to do what he loves. While I can’t make you put LeBron James on your greatest ever list, his Finals record does not define him and never will.

Image Credit: USA Today Sports

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