LeBron James to Golden State? A Legacy Waiting to Be Tarnished


When you think of a “weak move” in the NBA, what first comes to mind? For most of us, it would be former Thunder small forward, Kevin Durant, departing to go to the Golden State Warriors, who beat him and his team the year before. For others, “The Decision” might still hold that place, LeBron’s infamous decision to take his talents to South Beach.

What if I told you of the possibility of a move weaker than those two combined looms? That’s right, news has surfaced that LeBron James would seriously consider joining Golden State if they could make the cap constraints, and it could actually happen.

The Warriors would have to trade two players, one of them being Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant would have to opt out of his contract, and take an even bigger discount. However, that’s a small price to pay to bring the best player in the world to the most stacked team in the world. This would be very bad for the NBA, and I’d go as far to say it could be the death of the league as we know it. I’m not here only to talk about how this effects the sport, but how LeBron James on a personal level would be affected. And, yes, it includes an inability to ever be considered the greatest of all time.

Let’s say LeBron James goes to Golden State next year, what happens to his legacy? I have the answer; he doesn’t have a legitimate legacy, except for one failure and shortcuts. Some already claim his legacy is slightly tarnished after the Miami big three, but this would discredit him, and tarnish his career fully and permanently. Kevin Durant may be able to bounce back and have somewhat of a legacy, but LeBron making the same move will be magnified greatly.

LeBron is chasing that ghost in Chicago, you know who, and if he goes to Golden State, he’ll never be eligible to catch up. James could go anywhere else in the NBA and be fine, as long as he remained that force of justice to stand against Golden State. Simply put, if LeBron truly wants to be the greatest, he’ll stay far away from Golden State.

LeBron James is our beacon of hope against the tyrannical super team that Golden State has set up. Going anywhere else would help him maintain that status and keep some semblance of a legitimate legacy.

If LeBron went to Golden State, he’d be vilified more than ever before, and the fans would have no hope. A move to the Warriors is a bad look for LeBron James, and for the sport of basketball. Let’s hope he realizes that.

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