Lebron James Social Media Backlash: Should Cleveland Fans Worry?


As many already know, All-Star Small Forward Lebron James has unfollowed his team, The Cleveland Cavaliers, on social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter. Many are wondering if this is a sign regarding James’ plans over the summer, and many also are thinking Lebron is limiting his distractions. 

So the question arises, who is right? Will James be leaving this summer, or is he just prepping for the playoffs?

Any time a fan thinks their team is losing a once in a generation talent like Lebron, it can be scary, especially when said team lost him before, when he went down south to build the leagues biggest big 3 in years in “The Decision”. 

Some believe these fans are worrying for nothing, Lebron apologized, he came back home, so it’s all good and well, right? The Cavs level of play has been a concern to both sides at times lately. 

As the battle for the East is closer than many thought, suddenly the Toronto Raptors stock as a competitor is rising, but is the stock of the Cavs dropping?

People have also had concerns over Lebron staying an extra day in Miami, whose Heat recently blew out the Cavs, and are undefeated vs the Cavs since Lebron’s homecoming. Some acknowledge that this was Lebron’s home for years, he had chemistry with guys in South Beach. 

To some, this vacation is an indicator. To others, this vacation is a vacation. Either way, there’s already controversy surrounding this.

I believe that people are overreacting to this, between the media and past events, people are riled up over nothing. Lebron is known to stop using social media through the course of the playoffs, unfollowing pages that tagged or mentioned him would make sense

Though a bit early, I feel this is a normal self imposed social media ban. Lamarcus Aldridge of the Spurs deactivated his Twitter after hitting a rough patch, and rather it helped his focus. Aldridge improved dramatically, gaining a head of momentum that hasn’t truly stopped. 

Lebron may possibly be going after that, the unfollowing may be uncharacteristic, but it’s likely nothing. When Lebron left for South Beach, this was not a well managed team. 

The Cavs have Kyrie Irving now via draft, and they traded for Kevin Love whose contract was expiring last year. They also hired David Blatt last year, a good hire, even though they made the mistake of firing him this year. 

Anyways, I believe this snafu over social media is a bit much, players are held under a microscope, especially Lebron James. To the Cavs fans, don’t worry over Twitter and Instagram, just enjoy the ride this year and see what the future holds.







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