Lebron Informs Cavs he will Return, but at What Cost?

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Even though no deal is done yet, Lebron James rejoining the Cleveland Cavaliers is just about a guarantee. Despite rumors about a possible move to Los Angeles and the Lakers, Lebron has informed Cleveland he will be back. 

Some wondered and many assumed Lebrons move when he became a free agent. The ones who said he’d go to the Cavaliers were correct.

No timetable has been placed for James to negotiate and sign a contract yet. Many other parts of the team that are currently unsigned include JR Smith and even head coach Tyronn Lue. 

A likely reason for James’ delay in negotiating is the fact he’s on vacation with his wife and children, he’ll scan his options and is in no rush.  

James has several options,  he could take a one-year, $27.5 million contract like the past couple of years. He could also sign a multi-year contract, making up to $30.8 million, making him the highest paid player in the NBA.

James has vacationed abroad and spent time in the LA home he bought, causing rumors to fly. JR Smith’s timeline is in no way related to Lebrons, though Rich Paul represents both men. 

Smith and the Cavs remain apart on terms of his contract. Things are complicated with Lue as an extension hasn’t been placed, though discussions have been held since June.

Richard Jefferson has agreed to a 2-year, $5 million contract, but it hasn’t been formalized. Chris Andersen has verbally committed but not signed a contract. The Cavs will likely be trying to stay flexible as far as cap. 

I feel Lebron will take the one-year deal to keep cap flexibility for the team as he’ll take up less this season and none next season until a new contract is placed. The Cavs will likely try to sign the other pieces for a lower price.

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