Lawson Searching for New Home

After a recent report that Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson has checked into a 30-day rehab, it seems more inevitable than ever that the Nuggets will look to shop him. Denver has seemingly moved on after drafting high potential point guard Emmanuel Mudiay in the lottery of the 2015 NBA draft. Despite all of this, Lawson is still a top point guard in the league, averaging 15.2 points and 9.6 assists last year. So where are some potential trade destinations for him? 
LA Lakers 
This is an obvious one because the Lakers are clearly looking to rebuild fast and they have a few assets at their disposal, including Jordan Clarkson. However, they did just draft a point guard with the second pick in this years draft in D’Angelo Russell. Trading for Lawson would most likely mean moving Russell to the two guard which I’m not sure is the best idea. 
Houston Rockets 

Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets need a point guard to elevate them into that potential contender in the Western Conference with the likes of the SA Spurs, OKC Thunder, GS Warriors and LA Clippers. Ty Lawson would do that. They also do have assets and room to make the trade so it is very realistic. 
Sacramento Kings 

Yes they do have Rajon Rondo, and no, Rajon Rondo is not a serviceable starting point guard in the NBA right now so a trade with the George Karl’s Kings looks like it could be an option. Also notice that George Karl was Lawson’s old coach who made him a starter and the player he is today. Lawson had probably his best season under Karl’s coaching. It’s a mutual relationship between the two that could end up being the deciding factor in where Lawson suits up next year. 

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