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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke on Thursday afternoon, claiming that the verdict for Brady’s appeal would be “coming soon”. Really? All of America has been waiting months for a verdict and all the press receives is an unclear timetable. Although the hearing was heard on May 28th, it has believed that Brady could be starting in week one.

In my opinion, the largest suspension Brady will receive is a two-game suspension with a small fine. The only problem with suspending the quarterback is that he could appeal even a two-game suspension if he believes he is truly innocent. This could ultimately lead to no punishment at all for the Patriots, which isn’t too crazy when you think about it.
Owner Robert Kraft and Goodell were spotted together on Wednesday, although it is believed that it had nothing to do with Deflate-Gate. Kraft and Goodell have been friends for years on end, but critics often believe that personal relationships could affect the outcome of this specific case. 

Would Goodell be able to make the correct call on this case? That’s impossible. If the commissioner were to uphold his suspension, fans would be outraged that Goodell needed to make a big move in order to preserve his reputation as a power source in the NFL industry. If Goodell were to either decrease or take away Brady’s suspension, fans would be left feeling as though Goodell backed down and protected his friend, Robert Kraft. 

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