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As reported, there are three teams (potentially a fourth team) that currently have arena issues at the moment. Those teams happen to be the Arizona Coyotes, Ottawa Senators, Calgary Flames, and New York Islanders. These teams are either on the verge of moving to another city, or seeking a new building they don’t deserve. Remember, not all teams have the same issues. Politics with the local government is a factor with a couple of teams, such as the Coyotes and Flames. The New York Islanders and Ottawa Senators are trying to get new buildings approved before their current lease is up.

The Arizona Coyotes been rumored for relocation the longest. Ever since 2006, the Coyotes have endured (really since the late 1990’s) losses in the red. There was almost a move to Hamilton, Ontario back in 2008, and that was a done deal until the NHL declared it dead.

The Ottawa Senators are the latest team that is complaining about their arena situation. Playing at Canadian Tire Arena is not ideal for the Senators at the moment. A new arena is not likely for the Senators anytime soon. Yes, their arena has gone through a handful of name changes during its existence. In addition, their arena is over twenty-years old, but a new rink for the Senators would not help their on-ice product.

The Calgary Flames have had a tough time getting a new building, and their days in Calgary could be numbered. This past off-season, there has been plenty of news about the Flames, appealing to the city of Calgary about a new arena.

Their current arena, Olympic Penegrowth Saddledome, is almost forty-years old. This arena has stood the test of time, and has seen a lot of great hockey through the years. At some point, the Flames will get a new arena, but I’m not sure it will be in Calgary. There are a lot of Flames hockey fans within the city, but they may soon be disappointed.

Even the Flames have stated they are willing to put up roughly $300 million, which is over half of what is needed to get a new arena.

The New York Islanders are on the verge of being kicked out the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. They have been too costly for the Barclays Center’s liking, and have been in the red since last season. They are hoping for an approval to an arena being built in Belmont Park. The Islanders are signed through one more season in Brooklyn, so an answer will be needed before this season comes an end.

The city of Hartford, Connecticut, which once had the Whalers until 1997, has peeked interest in the Islanders if they can not receive funding for a new arena. Hartford has a very small shot in landing the Islanders, but it’s not out of the question by any means.  The Islanders have options, unlike the other three aforementioned teams within this piece.

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