Kurt Angle Heading to WWE Hall Of Fame


As announced on the WWE app, former long time WWE Superstar Kurt Angle will be the inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame class of 2017. The ceremony will be held the night before Wrestlemania.

During his time in the WWE, Angle has held the World Heavyweight Championship four times, WCW Championship once, WCW United States Championship once, WWF/WWE Championship four times, WWF European Championship once, WWF Hardcore Championship once, WWF Intercontinental Championship once, WWE Tag Team Championship once, and he also won King Of The Ring in 2000.

There is a reason why Angle is one of the best pure wrestlers to ever step inside a wrestling ring. His style of wrestling is really technical, as he loves to take out his opponents with submissions and holds. Even though he is a great technical wrestler, he can also adapt to his opponents style in order to defeat them.

His mic skills are second to none, and are another reason why Angle is one of the most popular superstars in the world of wrestling. He is as convincing as a cocky brash heel, but he can also be convincing as a crowd favorite baby face as well.

It was only a matter of time before Angle was going to be in the WWE Hall Of Fame. Everyone knew he was going to make it one day, but it was just the question of when will WWE pull the trigger and make it happen. This is a really deserving inductee in my book, he has done everything and was a big part of the WWE during his time in the company.

On the Angle side of things, this is really where all of his time, dedication and hard work pays off. He is at the tail end of his career right now, so being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame before you ever call it a career is something special.

If you are a wrestling fan, you should be excited to hear this news. Wrestling fans have always respected and honored Angle for everything that he has done in the ring, so to see him being inducted into the WWE hall of fame will be a great moment for the fans as well.

The WWE really needs to have someone that was there when Angle was at his best to induct him into the hall of fame. Someone who comes into my mind is Stone Cole Steve Austin. Those two had an amazing feud in the early 2000’s, and Austin would make a great inductee for Angle.

With Angle going into the hall of fame, the talks of him coming back to the WWE for one last run might be becoming more of a fantasy, and it likely will not happen. If somehow Angle does return to the WWE for one last run, it will be amazing to see him back in the ring.

One option that would be great for Angle if he comes back to the WWE to compete again is putting him in a feud with Rusev, one of the brightest young stars that WWE has right now. One problem I see with this is that it is too little too late for the company to put this feud on with Rusev now.

Another option for Angle is forming a stable with American Alpha, who are this generations version of an Angle-style of wrestling, but in a tag team. Bringing in Angle as a coach or mentor for them would do wonders for the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. 

Photo Credit Michael Buckner/Getty Images

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