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Knicks Becoming More Familiar With Failure


If you’re a New York Knicks fan, it has become all too familiar to you. This season is pretty much a wash, even after all the previous offseason moves. The departures of both Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony had no immediate benefit for the Knicks’ play on the court. In addition, the current state of the team has contained more headlines than a soap opera.

In all fairness to Jeff Hornacek, he has been forced to deal with a handful of issues. The injuries on the court are not helping his cause, and his job could very well be on the line. If he wasn’t in New York, he would likely be given a longer leash. Based on recent reports from the franchise, it has been rumored that Joakim Noah and Hornacek got into a shoving match just a few weeks ago.

The injury to Kristap Porzingis has been detrimental to the Knicks as well, but lets face it, there was no way a postseason berth would have achieved, regardless of whether Porzingis was playing or not. Before December, the Knicks were pretty much playing themselves out of playoff contention. After the injury, New York was already in the middle of their worst stretch of games.

If you’re asking me, it’s time to clean the house, and hope for a productive future.

What does that future hold? As anyone else will tell you, the typical process is through the draft and free agency. However, New York will need a lot of assistance. Getting rid of some of the ridiculous contracts won’t be anywhere close to easy. What will it take to attract a free agent to play alongside Porzingis? Can New York hit the lottery in an upcoming NBA Draft? In the league, anything is possible when it comes to a rebuilding stage.

Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac


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