Key Highlights From Tom Brady vs. Roger Goodell Hearing

A federal judge put The NFL on the defensive Wednesday over its four-game suspension of Tom Brady.

Judge Richard M. Berman repeatedly asked NFL lawyer Daniel L. Nash “What is the direct evidence that implicates Mr. Brady?”, and typically there was no set response other than the text messages between Brady and the “deflators”.

Brady and Goodell didn’t speak during the hearing, except to introduce themselves to Berman. The talks between Judge Berman and NFL lawyer Nash continued more than four hours until about 5 p.m, when Brady left court smiling while people were chanting “Cheater! Cheater!”.

Ironic or not, as the judge stated, Brady’s statistics were better in the second half of the AFC championship game, after the balls were reinflated.

With the judge questioning on why Brady destroyed his cell phone, Kessler claimed that the quarterback got rid of the phone on the advice of his agent to protect his privacy.

The biggest news to come out of Wednesday’s case ended up not even being anything to do with their case, but Tom Brady’s Courtroom Sketch.

Brady will be back in court on August 19th for a second hearing. 

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