Kevin Durant Signing with Golden State 

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After just about everyone had Kevin Durant marked as the most valuable free agent this summer, he has finally decided that he will be moving from Oklahoma City to Golden State. 

According to The Players Tribune, Durant wrote that he has decided to play for the Warriors this upcoming season. The terms of the deal are for 2 years and $54 million. Durant is sure to be worth every penny of that short-term deal. 

Before Durant, the Warriors barely needed any help last season, as they broke the record for the most amount of wins in a regular season and made it to the NBA Championship. 

There was speculation that Durant would wind up in Boston or remain in OKC, but Durant stated that the Warriors are best for him because of his “growth as a player”. 

Durant is already a proven superstar in this league, and with the combination of Curry, Thompson, Green, and others, this team has no ceiling when it comes to potential. 

I wouldn’t quite call this a lock for the 2016-17 NBA Championship, but they make the strongest case for the favorites in the West so far. 

Where does this leave Boston? Well, they have players such as Hordford and Thomas, so they are in a good spot in the East. 

As for the Thunder, Russell Westbrook will finally get to showcase himself as a team leader on and off the court. How big of a hit is this to the franchise? We are bound to find out. 

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