Kershaw Extends Scoreless Pitching Streak 

On Saturday, Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw was placed on the mound against the Los Angeles Angels. In eight innings pitched, Kershaw would only allow two hits on zero runs, extending his scoreless pitching streak to 37 innings. 

With the ultimate 3-1 victory for the Dodgers, Kershaw’s highlights consisted of retiring Mike Trout on three different at-bat’s, including a strikeout in the first inning. Kershaw would go on to strike out six more batters in the start, proving himself as once again, an All-Star. 

An interesting statistic, according to Bill Shaken, is that Kershaw is the first pitcher since 1974 to have two streaks of 35+ scoreless innings. There is no doubt that Kershaw is one of the best regular season pitchers, but what about the postseason? Kershaw and company have a lot to prove this season as they have constantly been put in a position to succeed. 

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