Kershaw, A-Rod Really Snubbed?

Sports sites have been obsessed with the controversy that stars like Clayton Kershaw and Alex Rodriguez have been snubbed from not being selected into the All-Star game this year. The question that people don’t ask is vital though; did those players deserve to participate? 

Clayton Kershaw: Kershaw is 5-6 with a 3.00 ERA. Is that even #1 in the rotation worthy? Kershaw has been a dissapoint for the Los Angeles Dodgers this year as the team has lost multiple games in a row with Kershaw starting. Kershaw is an elite pitcher in the MLB, but just because he’s a great pitcher doesn’t solidify him a spot in the All-Star game every year. 

Alex Rodriguez: A-Rod is a tough one to debate, simply because he does have All-Star numbers. Rodriguez leads DH’s in multiple batting categories, and has been nothing but humble on and off the field. The moment A-Rod was not selected to participate, fans went crazy calling the system rigged. For Yankees’ fans; Isn’t it more important to have an All-Star in October than July? Rodriguez has been the backbone of the organization, no matter how you perceive him. The last time A-Rod wasn’t selected as an All-Star (when healthy) was back in 2009, and look how that turned out for the team. 

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