Kemp Gets First Cycle In Padres History

The San Diego Padres made their major league debut back in 1969, and have since, played a cumulative total of 7,443 games. Hundreds of players in that time have been lucky enough to get 3 hits, and be one shy of the cycle. 

Matt Kemp, in the game against the Colorado Rockies, became the first of the San Diego organization to complete the feat.  Kemp opened up with a 2-run homer in the first inning. Later, in the third inning, Kemp came back with another hit, this time a single. Going into the seventh inning, Kemp stepped up to the plate and again, connected for a double. All that was left to complete the cycle was the triple, which statistically, is harder to get than a homerun. 

However, in the ninth inning, Kemp hit the back fence of center field giving him the triple, completing the cycle. This is a first in Padres history, and Kemp has claimed the title as the first to do so for the team. Their next potential goal could be to get a no-hitter, something that the Padres’ pitchers have yet to do.

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