KBO’s Lotte Giants to post outfielder Ah-Seop Son


Daniel Kim of KBS Sports reports that the Lotte Giants are planning to post outfielder Ah-Seop Son on Sunday. As was the case with Byung-ho Park of the Nexen Heroes — a first baseman that has 30 days to negotiate with the Minnesota Twins, who won Park’s negotiating rights, MLB teams will have five days to bid on Son. Lotte will then decide whether to accept the bid or to decline it. If they accept, the winning team will be announced one week from the date of the posting. The winning team will have 30 days to negotiate with the 27 year old corner outfielder.

Son, unlike Park, is not a power hitter. Son’s specialty is contact, posting great batting averages. He also posts respectable on base percentages. In his KBO career, all with Lotte, he’s batted .333/.409/.476, averaging 12 home runs and 16 stolen bases per season. This past year he batted .317/.406/.472 with 13 homers and 11 steals. He is also a disciplined hitter. He’s only struck out in 15.6 percent of his career plate appearances in Korea and drawing more walks (80) than strikeouts (78) in 2014.


Photo credited to Korea Times

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