Kaepernick or Gabbert for the 2016 Season? 



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After a press conference with San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly, we all came to a realization that nobody knows who may start under center next season.

Many spectators believe that since Kelly has arrived, Kaepernick has a “new life” in the NFL, but is that really true? Kaepernick is coming off of three surgeries, and currently contains a career total QBR of 61.3.

With a career record of 27-20 as a starter, does Kaepernick really have what it takes to fit into Kelly’s system. Many believe that Kelly’s system is all about mobility, when in fact it’s more about accuracy (which Kaepernick lacks greatly).

But let’s not get carried away, because Blaine Gabbert isn’t much better. With a total QBR of 27.2 in his career, this man has had a roller coaster of a career. This past season, his completion percentage was up to 63.1%, which is 4.1% higher than Kaepernick’s was.

Gabbert is 8-27 as a starter in his NFL career, showing that this may not work in Kelly’s favor if your quarterback has no clutch factor.

Could the free agency be a possibility? With Sam Bradford being with Kelly last season in Philadelphia, would he be willing to pack his bags across the country? If not Bradford, Kelly may look to Robert Griffin III as a potential option, simply based on his mobility.

Although the 49ers need all the help they can get, do not expect an answer anytime soon for who will be starting under center for the team this season.

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