Journalist Accuses Packers Official of Bullying over Letroy Guion Story

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on a previously unacknowledged domestic violence incident that involved Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Letroy Guion. Apparently the Packers weren’t too pleased that the incident came to light.

Journal Sentinel journalist Bob McGinn wrote on Saturday that fellow journalist Michael Cohen, who worked on the Guion story, was bullied by a Packers official. According to McGinn, while Cohen was covering practice, Packers director of player development Rob Davis continually gestured and stared at him. Davis then approached Cohen while he was taking notes and came they became nose to nose. Davis refused to shake Cohen’s hand when he was offered.

Now, this may not seem like bullying, but Davis is a former NFL Player. He’s listed at 6 foot 3, 284 pounds. There a lot of people who would feel intimidated by his presence. “No, we haven’t met,” Davis said to Cohen, according to McGinn. “And I don’t want to know you.” Davis claims he was not trying to intimidate him.

If McGinn’s description of the incident is true, the Packers should be ashamed.  This is not how someone should react in a position such as Davis’. The Packers want to keep this on the downlow and are mad that Cohen and his co workers were doing their jobs.

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