Josh Smith Joins the Los Angeles Clippers

Even though the Rockets offered more money, the Los Angeles Chippers announced this past Thursday that Josh Smith will sign with their team with a veteran’s salary of $1.5 million dollars. The money also does not make much of a difference because he is currently being paid by two teams. 

Since he signed with the Pistons until 2019 for $5.9 million annually, they are still required to pay him until that time is up.  Team wise, after playing for the Hawks, Smith tried to make it big playing with Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe, which did not work out in his favor. 

The trio failed to find a way to play together and it did not take long for the Hawks to let him go. As for the Rockets, it seems like Smith chose to be a better third man in their trio slot and push Blake Griffin to the center.

Can Smith find success in L.A.? He would play a valuable role on the bench, as the Clippers seem to be making all the right moves this offseason. 

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