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Josh Allen is a Franchise Quarterback


Since his entry into the NFL, Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen has caught a lot of criticism. During the draft, he had to endure a media storm about some racially insensitive things he said on Twitter from the past. As a result, many in the NFL circles believed that he shouldn’t have been a first round pick. Not to mention, there was a GQ article where All-Pro CB Jalen Ramsey called him out.

“”I don’t care what nobody say. He’s trash,” “And it’s gonna show too. That’s a stupid draft pick to me. We play them this year, and I’m excited as hell. I hope he’s their starting quarterback.”

When a organization drafts a quarterback in the first round, the expectation is to win games. Out of the three quarterbacks selected in the top 10 in 2018, Allen has been the most successful to date. He has a winning record of 10-7, while Cleveland Browns’ Baker Mayfield is 8-11, New York Jets’ Sam Darnold is 5-11, and Miami Dolphins’ Josh Rosen is 3-13.

Allen is winning as the leader of this team. Stats do manner in the scheme of being a franchise quarterback, but the ability to lead under pressure is a huge part of it as well. Since 2018, Josh Allen is second in the NFL in game winning drives with seven.

Not everyone comes into the NFL and makes an immediate impact. For example, Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson was led with a good defense and running game. That was until he eventually developed into a great quarterback.

Josh Allen is doing what is called upon a franchise that has endured many struggles, such as no playoff victories in 17 years. The Bills are currently in the playoff picture through the first half of the football season, and he’s growing with every throw.

Photo Credit: New York Post

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