Jones vs Cormier II Recap, What’s Next Though?


On Saturday night, Jon “Bones” Jones defeated Daniel “DC” Cormier in KO fashion in the third round, and is now the new Light Heavyweight Champion. Jones hit Daniel Cormier with a kick to the head, and then brought him down to the canvas. 

After that electric fight, what’s next for the two fighters?

For Jones, there has been rumors about entering the same octagon as Brock Lesnar. Jones was asked at a recent UFC 214 presser on whether he has been in communication with Lesnar, and although he denied any rumors, he did express eventual interest in this bout. As soon as his fight with Cormier concluded, Jones had a few choice words to say about Lesnar, which only makes this scenario more likely than not. 

He followed up with this short statement at the UFC 214 press conference:

“After I deal with Daniel Cormier, I will deal with Brock Lesner”.

In the near future, could we excpect a Brock Lesnar vs. Jon Jones matchup at either the 220 or 225 lb weight class?

As for Daniel Cormier, there has been speculation that he could very well be done with the UFC, and may even retire (or take some time off). There has been no announcement of a new opponent after he fights Jones, but Cormier has shown desire for an immediate trilogy matchup against Jones.

After two losses to Jones already, would Jones even agree to fight Cormier again? While it would be entertaining for the fans around the world, Jones no longer has anything to prove. 

Would you like to see Jones vs Cormier III, or should the two go their separate ways for now?

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