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Jon Jones Returning To The UFC

John Locher/Associated Press

After a hectic six months, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is coming back to the octagon. The UFC announced today they are reinstating Jones after his indefinite suspension. After he was suspended earlier this year for an hit and run charge in New Mexico. Jones was champion at the time so the UFC vacated the title. His return date is still to be determined his first fight back will be a high profile match.

In his time with the UFC, Jones has a record of 21-1-0, 9 of the wins came by knockout, and 6 of his wins came by submission. With only one loss in his UFC career, no wonder why Jones is one of the most dominating UFC Light Heavyweight Champions of all time. Becoming the youngest person in UFC history to win a title only being 23 years old.

There is a lot to like about Jones, he is a great striker with good hands. He is at his best when he is in the standup game, if you try to strike with him it would be a bad idea since he is one of the best strikers maybe the best light heavyweight striker in the world. His ground game is good as well. Jones can end a fight on the ground or standing up but his main strength is ending the fight standing up striking with his opponents. Outside of the octagon he is one of the most popular fighters in the world. He has a lot of charisma and connects with the fans really well. Jones is also good defensively as well, blocking punches in the clutch moments not letting anyone get any momentum going.

Jones must feel really relived that he is going back to doing what he loves and that is fighting. He will now attempt to get back his Light Heavyweight Championship that nobody defeated him for. Once he gets back in the octagon the arena is going to be going crazy since Jones is a big UFC fan favorite. It’ll be only a matter time before Jones gets back his belt. This is the first step in his road to redemption.

On the UFC side of things, the company made the right move reinstating Jones. He makes the company a lot of money and it looks like he has learned his lesion from what happened six months ago.so it is unlikely that Jones will do that again. The next step for the company is finding a date for Jones return fight which will most likely be in 2016.

One idea is having him face interim champion Daniel Cormier in his first fight back for the championship, since that is what a lot of fans want. Another idea is putting Jones in a match vs someone else in a non title match to see how Jones is feeling in his first fight back in six months. Either way whatever the company picks it will be the highlight of the show.



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