Jon Jones Arrested For Violating Terms of Probation

Gregory Payan/Associated Press

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones has consistently been in trouble with the law. This time is no different, as he has been arrested and booked into an Albuquerque, New Mexico detention center for violating probation.

Jones was serving an 18-month supervised probation sentence as he was processed in the San Bernalillo Detention Center, around 10 AM Local time this Tuesday morning. The 18-month probation was a part of a plea agreement signed this past September, which came from a felony charge for fleeing the scene of an accident.

The former UFC Champion was cited for drag racing on March 24th, also being cited for equipment modifications, a license plate issue, and failing to maintain a driving lane.

Jones denies the drag racing claims, however he claims he was simply revving the engine of his white Corvette as a way to acknowledge a group of fans in the vehicle next to him.

A video of the incident was released by the Albuquerque PD, showed Jon Jones arguing with a police officer and refers to the officer as a “f***ing liar.” These words would affect the terms of his plea agreement. His last arrest came in April of last year when he fled the scene of an accident that involved three cars, leaving a pregnant woman injured.

Due to the plea agreement being affected, Jones might very well be incarcerated for the 18 months. Jones’ lawyer Vincent Ward says, “for the police to be correct, the judge is going to have to find Jon revving his engine constitutes drag racing. He wasn’t speeding, he was not driving recklessly. All Jon did was rev his engine to acknowledge a fan.”

Jon Jones was scheduled to fight Daniel Cormier in a long awaited rematch for the Light Heavyweight Championship on April 23 at UFC 197. The UFC has yet to comment on the status of the fight but the UFC is aware of the incident.

We will have more information on the UFC’s decision whether or not the fight will be able to go on or not soon.

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