Johnny Manziel Named Starter For Rest Of The Season


After throwing for career high in passing yards, in his last start. Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel looks like will be getting more starts at quarterback. According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, the team has named Manziel the starting quarterback for the rest of the season. He has been lately to fill in for Josh McCown while he has been out with a rib injury.

In six games played this season, Manziel threw for 933 yards, 5 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, with a passer rating of 88.4.  Rushing for 90 yards on 17 attempts.   In a losing season for the team, the expectations are not high on him. The fans and team wants to see improvement from his rookie season, where he played poorly. So far this season, he has improved a lot in the six games he has played. Manziel has been focusing on throwing the ball, more then scrambling with the ball. It seems like that is working for him.

Even though he has his flaws, there is a big upside to him. Manziel has a good arm, showcased this season moving the offense down field. He also has good speed when he is pressured, expect him to escape the pocket scrambling for a good few yard gain. Manziel has the ability to become a playmaker at quarterback. Like any other young quarterback, the guy still has to learn to not make mistakes over and over again. Showcased this season he still make those mistakes, but there is always room for improvement with him.

This is a great move by the team, starting Manziel now will give the team more chances to see him improve. Other then having him on the bench and having McCown at quarterback Now it can look into the future and the future is Manziel at quarterback. The team can now look into the offseason with the mindset that there is no problems at quarterback. With this being a losing season, it is all about seeing how he improves this season and getting him some help in the offseason via free agency and trades.

On the Manziel side of things, the team has a lot of trust in him. So the time for him to take advantage of this chance is right now. Manziel has everything to be trusted as starting quarterback right now. The fans has his trust now the team has trust in him. Manziel now has to prove it on the field, that the team made the right decision in starting him. By improving every week, living up to the expectations that the team has for him ever since drafting him last year.



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