John Denney: The Most Reliable Player On a 53-man Roster

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Who is John Denney? John Denney, age 36, is the longest-tenured Miami Dolphin on the team. He’s been the long snapper since he was signed in 2005 and, as Max Himmelrich of put it, is “God. Simply God.” to Miami Dolphins fans worldwide.

How Denney has won over his success is how many players should make their success, through statistics.

On Sunday (when the Dolphins played the Philadelphia Eagles) he did that on special teams. In a close 20-19 game, Denney was responsible for 3 tackles on the punt coverage, and was responsible for crisp snaps to punter Matt Darr.

Denney has also been the most reliable player for the Dolphins since coming into the league in 2005 as an undrafted free agent. After beating out incumbent Ed Perry for the long snapping duties in 2005, Denney has played in every game since then, a total of 169 games and counting. Denney has also made 2 pro bowls in 2010 and 2012.

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In those games, Denney has totaled 39 tackles and 3 fumble recoveries, one of which was responsible for an Orlando Mare game winning field goal back in 2006.

Denney’s also been responsible for only 3 penalties in the 11 season career, one in 2007, one in 2010 and one this year. The 3 penalties total to 20 yards, talk about reliable.

In his first three seasons, the Dolphins place kickers was 81-81 on extra point snaps and were 80.9 percent (72 of 89) on field goal attemps.

Add this to his long, luscious hair (see picture below) and he is the cultivating thought of what Miami Dolphins fans want (hence why Jake Stoneburner is a personal fan favorite).

“I don’t think anybody cares to know about long snappers,” said Denney about long snapping “There’s no glory in long snapping.”

Sorry Denney, but that’s incorrect, Miami Dolphins fans love you.

Dolphins fans, get to know John Denney more because historically speaking he is not going anywhere and statistically speaking, he isn’t. Also, buying a #92 jersey is always a good idea because the jersey number should be retired by the Dolphins when Denney hangs it up.


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