Jimmy Butler Sets New Chicago Bulls Record

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Butler has proved once again that he is a future star in the league, after breaking Michael Jordan’s 39 point in a half record. Scoring just one point more, making the new record 40.

It leaves no question now why fans call him “Jimmy Buckets” as after scoring only 2 points on 1/4 shooting in the first half, he went off in the second half for an explosive comeback. Leading the Bulls to a victory over the Toronto Raptors taking the game 115-113.

Butler made 14 of his 19 shots in the second half, and make 10 of his 11 free throws. This becomes a new record in the Bulls franchise history. The record was originally set by Michael Jordan back in 1989, 27 years ago.

What made this performance even better was the fact that Jimmy was leading the team alone, as Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah were out with injuries. The Bulls were trailing at halftime by 12 points and alone in the 3rd quarter, Jimmy Butler scored 21 points. The 4th quarter was all for Butler to lead his team to victory and that he did.

When asked about his performance, Butler stated that an earlier in-game elbow from Raptors Forward DeMare Carroll, which busted up Butler’s lip. Saying that was not the reason for his aggressive second half. He was mad however it had nothing to contribute to his game. Taj Gibson, teammate of Butler, stated that Butler was a possessed man the night of the game.

Should Butler consistently play the way he did during this game, Chicago fans all over should have no doubt in what their team can do in the playoffs this year. This performance will boost the potential of Jimmy Butler, and overtime his name will be just as big as the names we know and love of the past of the NBA.

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