Jets Sweeten the Deal for Marshall in New York

Switching teams is nothing new for Brandon Marshall. (Photo courtesy of the New York Post)
Switching teams is nothing new for Brandon Marshall. (Photo courtesy of the New York Post)

The New York Jets were one of the most active teams this year in free agency, noticed most for their defensive additions such as Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis. On the other side of the ball, they picked up veteran wide receiver Brandon Marshall. In case you haven’t heard, the Jets traded their 2015 fifth round draft pick to the Chicago Bears in return for Marshall earlier this year. Brandon Marshall has yet to officially play a single snap for the Jets, but was considered for a pay raise. I’ll explain what has exactly changed in his contract, and give some insight to what this means for the Jets.

 His original contract was a three year, 24.3 million dollar deal. Before his pay raise he was stated to make 7.5 mil, plus an additional 200,000 in the form of a workout bonus, totaling 7.7 million. The new deal did not increase in years, but is now worth 26 million dollars, including 1.3 in guaranteed money, putting him on track to make 9 million in a base salary without any workout bonus money. His 2016 salary has rose as well, instead of making a base salary of 7.9 mil, it’ll be 9.5 million.

 This isn’t just a random act of kindness from the Jets. According to ESPN through their league sources, the Jets had promised a contract increase to Brandon Marshall around the date of March 6th, when they had traded for him. They did have to wait until at least May 22nd to stay in compliance with the league rules that don’t allow restructuring a player’s contract twice in a calendar year. On May 22nd of 2014, Brandon Marshall had signed an extension with the Bears. The extension was signed on live TV, on “The View” television show. In the past the Jets have traded for a player and then gave a pay raise like with, Thomas Jones and Kris Jenkins, in 2007 and 2008 respectively.

Regardless of the money, the addition of Brandon Marshall gives signal caller Geno Smith a better target to throw at. This is a huge improvement, since the Jets finished last in the league in passing yards with a disappointing 2,946 yard total. Finishing 30th in touchdowns at a total of 16 for the team, and only having more than the Jaguars and the Browns. Marshall’s health may come into question, as he only played in 13 games last year; it was the first time he hasn’t played a full season since his 2010 season with the Miami Dolphins. All around the Jets have improved their team and only time will tell if Mr. Marshall was deserving of the generous pay raise by his new team.

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