Jared Goff Won’t Start First Preseason Game 

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When the Los Angeles Rams selected quarterback Jared Goff with the number one overall pick in the NFL Draft, just about everyone expected him to be viewed as the franchise centerpiece. 

With a long couple of months without football, it has been reported that the Rams are deciding to actually start Case Keenum in the first preseason game, not Goff. The Rams are scheduled to play the Dallas Cowboys. 

The preseason game taking place will be the first game in Los Angeles in 20 years, and it’s safe to say that starting Keenum isn’t much of a gift for the fans. While this isn’t a big deal whatsoever at first glance (considering it is only the preseason), there actually could be a lot deeper meaning. 

Keenum was the man to replace a struggling Nick Foles in the 2015 regular season, having a record of 3-2 and a TD:INT of 4:1. Those statistics are actually better than expected, and it also shows that if the Rams didn’t feel comfortable with Goff heading into the regular season, they could potentially rely on Keenum. 

Throughout the offseason, head coach Jeff Fisher has stated before that Goff isn’t ready and wants to see him develop, and with this decision, it’s very difficult to not think about “what if” when it comes to benching Goff. 

I personally would choose whoever is more ready for week one, despite the name value of Goff. Keenum is a mediocre quarterback, but with a strong defense at hand, this team could go 8-8 or better under either quarterback. 

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