James Shields Heading To Chicago White Sox

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In a rebuilding season for the San Diego Padres, it was rumored for quite some time that the team will trade starting pitcher James Shields. The team have agreed to send Shields to the Chicago White Sox for Fernando Tatis Jr and Erik Johnson. The team will be paying $24 million of Shields contract.

In 11 starts this season, Shields has a record of 2-7, with 57 strikeouts and a 4.28 ERA, with a WHIP of 1.43. Looking at the numbers he produced over his career, this season does not look like typical James Shields numbers. It does not help when the Padres offense does not produce much runs to support him.

Even though Shields is having a bad season, he is a solid pitcher. Shields has great control of his pitches, great arm strength, and can keep his pitches in the strike zone. With a supportive offense, Shields can go 6 or more innings, only giving up 2 or less runs. Shields is the type of guy that can get double digit wins consistently.

The White Sox are in a win now mode, and the team needs help with the starting rotation. Getting a guy like Shields will improve the teams rotation. The team is gearing up for a playoff run this season, and Shields will be able to help with that with the experience that he has when it comes to pitching in playoff games.

Expect him to be the number two guy in the rotation. Going to the White Sox will give Shields a better offense to pitch behind, which means better numbers when it comes to his record.

The Padres are in a rebuild mode right now, and getting rid of Shields is smart since the team is not going to be making the playoffs anytime soon it seems like. The team is likely receiving two young players  from the White Sox, and that will be sure to help them in the future.


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