James Ellsworth: Making A Joke Out OF Professional Wrestling


This past Tuesday Night on Smackdown Live, we witnessed the WWE World Champion, AJ Styles, be pinned by the newest WWE internet sensation, James Ellsworth. Now, Ellsworth’s victory is very much due to the terrible referee job by Dean Ambrose, but none the less, Ellsworth picked up the victory.

Now, as pathetic as it sounds, that is very much what happened. Although people are all over social media because of it, this has got to be the biggest joke in WWE to date. For one thing, AJ Styles is the WWE World Champion and he was pinned by some jobber. What makes it obvious that Ellsworth has no idea what he’s doing in the ring is the fact that he tucked his chin when Styles went for the Styles Clash. Now, the reason this is so bad is that if you tuck your chin when being hit with the Styles Clash, you can very easily break your neck and even chance death. Luckily, Styles saved Ellsworth from any serious damage by quickly modifying the way he hit Ellsworth by using his hands to break the fall.

But it doesn’t even stop there. WWE went as far as to put Ellsworth in a WWE World Title Match against Styles next week. Now, as if having the same match not for the title wasn’t enough, this is where you truly need to draw the line.

For one thing, Ellworth has one pinfall victory over Styles due to an extremely terrible referee job from Ambrose, and with Styles being the WWE World Champion, that means they put Ellsworth over their Top Guy for Smackdown Live. Now with him getting a WWE World Title Match, it just goes to show that there is no length WWE will not go to to make you look like a joke if you’re an established name in any other company, even if they do put the top championship on you.

Will WWE continue to make Styles look as pathetic as last week was and put over Ellsworth? Although that seems a bit extreme, don’t be surprised if WWE were to go that far, because we’ve all now seen the kinds of measures WWE will take to humiliate top stars from other companies.

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