J. T. Barrett to start against Rutgers

JT Barrett takes over an undefeated offense (CBS sports)

Sophomore Quarterback J.T. Barrett will start at for Ohio State on Saturday against Rutgers. Head Coach Urban Meyer told reporters that his decision was based on “sheer production” . 

“J.T has earned the right to start Saturday at Rutgers,” Meyers said. “Cardale’s going to be an active part too.”

He also went on to say that “It was a difficult decision, but red zone production and third down production were the two areas that made a difference.”

Throughout the whole spring and leading up to the summer there was built up anticipation on who Urban Meyer would name as the Starting Quarterback for the first game of the season. Cardale Jones lead Ohio State to a National Championship and he seemed to be the front runner. Before Barrett’s ankle injury, Ohio State was rolling and Barrett became a household name. He replaced Braxton Miller because of injury and played well. 

As 7-0, Ohio State sits a number 1 in the coaches poll. But Jones’ performance has been less than stellar. On October 17 against Penn State, Jones was 9 for 15 with 84 yards passing. Barrett was brought in and lead the team to three second quarter touchdowns. A couple of stalled drives in the third and Barrett replaced Jones for the remainder of the game.

The offense is more dynamic with Barrett under center. He’s a dual threat guy that can make things happen. Barrett is Ohio State’s second leading rusher and has nine Touchdowns via the pass or the run in limited playing time.

The 3-3 Rutgers Scarlett Knights are 84th in the nation against the pass and are 30th against the run. Considering how they’re defense hasn’t been playing too great, their rush defense will have their hands full with the Buckeyes Rushing attack. 

Meyer said that Jones will still be in the mix but I wouldn’t be surprised if Barrett who is a natural born leader distances himself from Jones. Many experts say that this wont hurt Jones in the NFL draft but some question his maturity level. As of right now in my opinion Ohio State will be in better position with Barrett running the show. 

Ohio State will face Rutgers on Saturday (8 p.m. ABC)
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