Is Randy Orton The Right Opponent For Brock Lesnar?


So at this year’s Summerslam, we will witness Brock Lesnar face off with Randy Orton for the very first time on Pay Per View. The two stars faced off against each other in a forgetful match on Smackdown back in 2002.

The match itself wasn’t bad at all, but Orton wasn’t the star that he is today. At the time, he still sported his curly hair and basic blue trunks to go along with his finishing maneuver was only a neckbreaker known as the O-Zone, as opposed to the famous RKO that he uses today. So, the first time these two squared off, it was a pretty irrelevant match. That certainly is no longer the case, as Orton has become one of the greatest WWE stars of all time.

I would’ve liked the match to have some type of build up, as it seems pretty much just thrown together. The flipside to that is that I do like that the WWE attempted to get fans to actually tune into Smackdown for something relevant in it’s last two weeks of being taped. Overall, I’m looking forward to the match, but I definitely have a few concerns.

Since “Suplex City” came into formation back at Wrestlemania 30, Lesnar has wrestled his matches by pretty much just throwing his opponents all over the ring like a ragdoll to the fans’ satisfaction. However, with Orton’s nagging injuries that have haunted him for so long, there has to be some concern while receiving a suplex by Lesnar more than a handful of times during the course of the match.

As long as both superstars remain cautious of the spots that are performed through out the match, we are bound to receive a true classic. With the shoulder concerns of Orton, it’s possible that Lesnar showcases his “NCAA World Heavyweight Champion” wrestling skills that we haven’t quite seen since his return to the WWE back in 2012.

Is this match going to get you to tune into Summerslam with high hopes or would you have liked to have seen a different match up for either opponent?


 Photo Credit: WWE.com



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