Is Paige Pierce Leaving Prodigy?



As the 2016 season approaches, the atmosphere in the disc golf community is getting more exciting with every passing day. At this point in the year, most players are with their company for the whole season. However, with Paige Pierce, that is very uncertain.

Paige is one of the original members of Team Prodigy and after winning the 2015 PDGA World Championships in Pittsburgh, she has become the face of the company. However, there are nothing but questions regarding her tenure with the team. From the understanding of many players and fans, her contract with Prodigy is up after this year’s Memorial Championship. From the looks of it, she isn’t interested in re-signing with the team. You’re probably asking how do we know she isn’t interested. Well, nobody knows for sure, but things like not putting the Prodigy logo on her player card for the Disc Golf Pro Tour make you question what her plans for the future are. What good is the media if we dont do the speculating for you?

Well everyone and I mean EVERYONE on the “Trilogy Fan Page” has been pretty much been on their knees begging for her to join one of the three trilogy companies. As much as the three companies have to offer, it would be insane for her to not join them, or would it? Yes, the three companies are some of the biggest in the game but they are still growing and evolving, and that is something that might be pushing her away from prodigy because they too are growing or evolving.

Paige has an amazing relationship with world number one Paul Mcbeth, and it would only make sense that he would be trying to get Pierce to jump on the Innova power house. But other than the Trilogy brands and Innova, there are really no other contenders for the services of the world’s greatest female disc golfer.

With everything going on we can only wait, but I couldnt imagine Paige signing with anyone but Innova due to her relationship with Mcbeth. What we havent talked about yet though is that chances she stays with Prodigy, which are pretty high. Who would let their best player go? I would assume that they will offer an insane amount of money to assure she stays with them, but either way we here at the Athletes Hub want to see her succeed and happy!

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