Is Omega vs Jericho Worth the Hype?


Back on November 5th at NJPW’s Power Struggle event, Chris Jericho made a surprise appearance to challenge current IWGP United States champion, Kenny Omega, to a match for the title on January 4th at Wrestle Kingdom 12.

This marks the first time in twenty years that Jericho is competing in a match in NJPW. Within the process, Jericho is attempting to hype up the match as much as possible. Jericho originally had gotten the idea of the bout after the “Money Fight” between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

Even with the presented hype, there are just a few things about this match that don’t correlate to the hype that the “Money Fight” contained. McGregor and Mayweather amassed $130+ million, where Mayweather was paid a base of $100 million, and McGregor was paid a base of $30 million.

In addition, fans bought the pay-per-view event because it was a boxing legend taking on an MMA superstar. When you truly look at it, this bout between Jericho and Omega has almost nothing to do with the “Money Fight”.

Omega has been a workhorse in NJPW top-notch matches, while Jericho is attempting to stay relevant by taking on Omega. In all reality, to someone of Omega’s caliber, he should be pinned up against the likes of Tomohoro Ishii instead of Jericho.

After this match, I wouldn’t be shocked if Jericho elected to re-sign with the WWE and return to the same position he’s been in for the past few years.

The hype behind this has been told to not put WWE VS NJPW, but it is, and that is why these two are competing against each other at Wrestle Kingdom 12. The match, much like any other Omega match, will be great quality and an instant classic.

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