Is Next Year Here?


For more than 100 years, fans of the Chicago Cubs have been saying, “Wait Until Next Year.” But what if “Next Year” is finally here?

Cubs Fans all across Chicago thought last season may have finally been the year the Chicago Cubs broke their infamous curse involving the Billy Goat. It made sense seeing as the Cubs were on fire most of last season and even Back To The Future II predicted that 2015 was finally the year the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series. But despite their best efforts, the Cubs were swept by the New York Mets in the NL Championship Series.

Most baseball fans thought this year the Cubs would come back even better than they were last season, and to a lot of people’s surprise, they did. Not only have the Cubs clinched the NL Central Division, but they have also secured the home field advantage for the entirety of the National League Postseason and along with the best Win/Loss record in all of baseball for the season with 103 Wins and only 58 Losses.

Aside from their amazing Win/Loss Record, the Cubs have also improved their roster. And with Kyle Schwarber out practically all season, they did one hell of a job of improving their roster, especially on the mound. Not only do the Cubs have the always great Jake Arrieta & Jon Lester, but their relief pitchers, especially one in particular, have been great all season long. With RP’s like Hector Rondon, Carl Edwards Jr, and yes, Aroldis “Fireball” Chapman, the Cubs most certainly seem ready for the upcoming Postseason games.

But that’s mostly the “North Side” of Chicago. Most of the “South Siders,” better known as White Sox fans, have patiently been waiting for the Cubs to choke. Most predicted it would come after the All-Star Game, which was won by the American League, securing whoever makes it all the way in the AL the home field advantage for the World Series. But even after the All-Star Game, the Cubs stayed their course and have shocked almost everybody.

Will 2016 finally be the year the Cubs break their infamous curse and win the big one? Only time will tell. The first game of the NLDS takes place at Wrigley Field on Friday, October 7th with the Cubs taking on whoever wins the Wild Card. Will the Cubs be able to continue their wave of momentum or will this be another year with a great team that ends up choking in the end? One thing is for sure, the longer they wait, the bigger the celebration will be when the Cubs do go all the way and this year Cubs Fans are certain their team is Made For October.

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