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Is Marvin Bagley III NBA Material?


Marvin Bagley III is a great player, but there is always room for improvement. Over at Duke, he had a great season. The outgoing freshman had a season full of ups and downs, but mostly ups. He left his first game against Michigan State quite early after suffering a gruesome poke to the eye by fellow Duke player Wendell Carter. Although, Bagley III did return later that game and finished with 25 points and 10 rebounds.

Bagley did miss four games with a knee injury, but Duke played very well without the star freshman. He is a major key and contributor to the team in his own ways, as he is vocal, and adds a level of intensity to the game.

He has definitely dismantled a few program records, which includes the most points scored by a freshman in his debut game, most double-doubles by a freshman, most consecutive double-doubles, along with a few more.

Marvin Bagley III is a huge force, and is a big part of Duke, regardless of how they play without him on the floor. He does great things on the court, and being a freshman does not stop him. The truth of the matter is that Bagley III is on his way to the NBA whether you think his decision is the correct one or not.

In theory, his draft stock value places him within the top five of the NBA Draft. However, there is always something about a player that makes or breaks his NBA career. While Bagley III seems to have a clean record at the moment, fans should remain cautiously optimistic.

The Blue Devils haven’t produced the most elite NBA legends. Two names that everyone knows are Kyrie Irving and Jayson Tatum, while one other name that seems to float around from time to time is Brandon Ingram. With the structure of Bagley III at hand, he could bring the reputation of the school to a new level.

Bagley does have a few elements that he needs to improve, including free throw shooting, mid-range/three point shooting, and even his passing abilities. His free throw shooting was getting better as the season progressed, but it still wasn’t the greatest.

Marvin Bagley III is a very dangerous player, and could flip an organization like the Atlanta Hawks around. In fact, they’re in need of a high-motor big man, and Bagley fills in that void for the Hawks.

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