Is Finn Balor Better Off Without the WWE?


Since arriving in 2014, Finn Balor has done some spectacular things, including defeating Kevin Owens for the NXT Championship and breaking the previous record of 287 consecutive days. Balor held the title for 293 days, and the reign was superb. It built himself up for when he joined the WWE main roster just to prove why he was champion for so long.

After Balor joined the main roster, things weren’t going as planned. In his first month at SummerSlam, he defeated Seth Rollins for the newly welcomed Universal Championship.

During the beginning of the match, Balor suffered an injury to his shoulder that was later revealed to be a labrum tear. He went on to vacate the title not even 24 hours later. Since then, Balor hasn’t received a shot at the title that is now held by Brock Lesnar, and he hasn’t held gold since his return last year after WrestleMania 33 on Raw.

Balor competed in contender and Royal Rumble matches to earn his rematch, but failed when he was just moments away from winning. Balor even challenged for the Intercontinental Championship, but has lost on a number of occasions to Rollins.

When Balor was in NXT or NJPW, he was the center of conversation for as long as anyone could remember. In fact, Balor evolved to one of the biggest stables in the wrestling world. When he left NJPW and signed with the WWE, the news created an enormous buzz around fans in the wrestling community.

Nowadays, Balor has been used as a filler rather than a main event star, and that’s a waste of talent. Names like Cody Rhodes, CJ Parker, Emma, Solomon Crowe and Alberto Del Rio left the WWE for this exact reasoning.

Balor is an amazing wrestler, but being repeatedly pushed to the back of the line is foolish to an extent. Should Balor leave the WWE?

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