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Inside Peek at the College Playoff Rankings


In recent news, the college football playoff rankings came out for the public once again, but not much has changed, as Alabama, Georgia, Notre Dame, and Clemson round out the top four seeds at the moment.

Looking at the top, two SEC teams round out the #1 and #2 seeds in Alabama and Georgia. Having two teams within the same conference, should there be worry about a lack of diversity from fan bases within outside conferences such as the Pac-12 or the Big 10?

As for the Big 10, they haven’t helped their cases this past weekend, as both Penn State and Ohio State suffered a loss, and both have fallen out of the top ten, with Penn State falling to #14, and Ohio State falling to #15.

As for Notre Dame, they have a brutal upcoming match-up against the Miami Hurricanes (#7), who have managed to impress with an 8-0 record, and are hungry for a top seed. Although the Fighting Irish are riding a seven game win streak, with their only loss coming from Georgia, will they be able to maintain their top seed in the playoff standings after this weekend?

Although Clemson is sitting at #4 at the moment, I would advise that fans stay cautious, as Oklahoma (#5) has been known as a threat late in season’s past. Although the Sooners have been viewed as inconsistent in 2017, anything is possible in the NCAA.

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