Indians Extend Win Streak Against Jays 

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On Friday afternoon, a game that had fans on the edge of their seats was worth every minute. The Toronto Blue Jays, one of the MLB’s best offensive units, looked to take down the Cleveland Indians, who were riding a 13-game win streak (the longest in the MLB this season). 

The starting pitchers for each side was Josh Tomlin for the Indians and Macus Stroman for the Jays. 

As the game went underway, the first run came in the top of the third, as Jason Kipnis hit an RBI single into center to give the Indians a 1-0 lead. 

That would be the only run up until the bottom of the sixth, as Justin Smoak hit his 8th bomb of the season to tie things up 1-1. 

With everything on the line, the bullpen units on each side were dominance, as the next run wouldn’t be scored until the 19th inning. 

A lead off home run by Carlos Santana (17th on the year) would eventually be the downfall of the Jays, as the Indians would win the ball game 2-1. 

The Indians pushed their winning streak to 14 games, as they continue to control the AL with ease. As for the Jays, they still hold a slight lead in the AL East. 

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