How to Fix the NFL Pro Bowl 

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated in a news conference that he was dissapointed in the Pro Bowl, and is open to any improvements. With that being said, it’s only fair to offer the NFL a few ideas to get things back on track. Here are some suggestions on how to improve the Pro Bowl:

Have Winning Conferance Receive Coin Toss Advantage 

Instead of flipping a coin to decide who receives the ball in the first half, why not just play for it? While many don’t believe that this will change a whole lot when it comes to competitive nature, you would be surprised how something as simple as a coin toss can bring in viewers.

Create a Skills Challenge 

The NBA thrives off success from their NBA skills challenge, so why isn’t the NFL taking part in this? The most accurate quarterback award, obstacle courses and such could all be examples of how much fun Pro Bowl day can be.

Don’t do Anything 

Why ask the players to risk their health anyways? I know that if my favorite player got hurt before the super bowl because of this, I would be furious. The Pro Bowl right now is coming across as useless and the NFL needs to change their approach.

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