How to Fix the NFC East: Washington Redskins


Alex Brandon/Associated Press

It’s here. The final team in the NFC East is getting fixed today. Of course they will not have many problems, seeing as they did make the playoffs. But the key phrase there is “will not have many”, that means they still have some.


  • Resign Kirk Cousins– Kirk Cousins was the hero out of the shadows this season. He went from an “ok” QB that got them by to one of the best in the NFL. You may seem “one of the best in the NFL” is stretching it, but the stats are there. He had one of the best QBR’s in the NFL at the end of the season. The Redskins have gold with him right here and they cannot let that go.
  • Add a WR- While this isn’t the biggest need, a nice WR to go with DeSean Jackson would be nice. Someone like Alshon Jeffery could be amazing for the Redskins, but it’s not really needed. With DeSean Jackson, Alfred Morris, and Jordan Reed they are set in the receiving core. Like previously stated, this is not a priority.


  • Release Jeron Johnson and Chris Culliver- For having as many years in the NFL as they have they should have better stats. With 0 turnovers and 43 tackles combined, they are not NFL worthy players. A great replacement for Chris would be Josh Norman. Jeron could be replaced by a lower known player, or perhaps give him one more year to step up.
  • D-Line- These players simply have to step up. The money is not going to be there to bring in a big name, nor is there a big now out there this season. Their stats were not terrible this year, but could improved.

This has been the easiest team to fix so far. It helps when that team was a playoff team though. Remember, this is it for the NFC East. Next I will be tackling the trash bin known as the AFC South. It will be interesting to say the least.

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