How to Fix the NFC East: The Dallas Cowboys

Alex Brandon/Associated Press
Alex Brandon/Associated Press

What is “How to Fix” you may ask? It’s a new series where I showcase each NFL team separately, breaking down their weakness in the 2015 season and how they can fix that heading into the offseason. Each article will be broken up into 2 parts. One part offense and one part defense. Let’s dive right in.


  • Get a solid QB to back up Tony Romo – What seems to be the story of the Cowboys season was Tony Romo’s injury. The Cowboys had 4 different QB’s this season, with the lowest amount of snaps played was 98. He has been getting injured at a higher rate in the last couple of years and now is the time to get a QB to back him up. Not that I’m saying waste your first round pick on a QB just to play backup, but get one in a later round. Just to make sure you have a young, healthy QB to play when Romo goes down. A good option for this role is Robert Griffen III if you decide not to draft one.


  • Create and Recover Turnovers – The Cowboys finished dead last in recovering turnovers at 32 in the league. They had 8 INT’s and 3 fumbles recovered. In all, they created 33 turnovers, but only recovered 11. This gives them a -22 difference in recovering/giving turnovers. The only advice that can be given is always stick with the play until the whistle is blown.
  • Defensive Line – The Cowboys ranked 19th in the NFL in sacks. There are two ways to solve this. You could draft someone for your defensive line in the first round such as DE Joey Bosa of Ohio State or DT A’Shawn Robinson of Alabama. The other route is signing some big FA’s such as Jets DE Muhammad Wilkerson or DT Malik Jackson of the Broncos.
  • Shut Down the Run – See Above


As you can see, the Cowboys only have a few things wrong that can be solved very easy. They have the resources to make it happen, but it’ll be intriguing to see if they make it happen.

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