How to Fix the AFC South: Tennessee Titans


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We’ve officially moved on from the NFC East. Now I must tackle the horror that is the Tennessee Titans. Then again, they do not require the most help despite being the worst team in the NFL as far as record goes. They are a few pieces away from being a scary team.


  • Offensive Line– The Titans probably have one of the worst O-Line’s in the NFL. They have a line of rookies, and while that can be good, you need a proven veteran or two to show the rookies how it’s done. It would also add stable points in the line that can keep your QB protected, leading to the running game being able to work. With this being said, free agency will play a big part in this. Andre Smith would be a great option if he is not resigned. He’s been in the league for 7 years and has been a big part of the Bengals. Bring him in would be huge because it would allow Taylor Lewan to remain at left tackle.


  • Bring in a WR– Marcus Mariota needs people to throw to. With Harry Douglas under performing, Justin Hunter being hot and cold, and Dorial Green Beckham still developing, that leaves Mariota with Kendall Wright and Delanie Walker. While DGB has shown he can be great and Wright/Walker being good, Mariota still needs people to throw to. With Alshon Jeffery becoming a free agent, that would be a huge improvement to the receiving core.


  • Secondary- With Michael Griffin possibly retiring, the Titans need to improve their already weak secondary. If Michael Griffin does not retire then release him or move him to #2 on the depth chart. Who do I propose to replace him? Eric Berry. With his contract coming up and the Chiefs having different players they need to support than Berry, bring him to Tennessee. Berry has a past in the state as he went to college at the University of Tennessee and his little brother currently attends there as well. It would move him closer to family, and help a team.

Many people will not understand why I only have one thing under defense to fix. The reason there is that Tennessee leads the league in sacks. So the pass rush is there. Especially with a healthy Derrick  Morgan along with Brian Orkapo at OLB’s and Casey on the D-Line, the rush and run stuff is there. The secondary also took a hit with injuries to guys like Jason McCourty and Perish Cox. With those players back, the secondary could be great. Even better if Eric Berry is brought in or Michael Griffin retires.

One more point that will be brought up is the running back position. Many people don’t believe in Antonio Andrews at the RB. But I, however, do believe that he can fulfill the job. You have to figure he had a terrible offensive line, which leads to the run game being shut down. And if Andrews cannot get it done, David Cobb is always there. Cobb proved to be a decent rookie this year as well. This Titans team is young, but can be dangerous in a few years.

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