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How Michigan Shot Itself in the Foot


No. 3 Michigan went into Buckeye Stadium in Columbus on Saturday for a battle with the No. 2 Ohio State Buckeyes. After the dust settled, Ohio State came out with a 30-27 double overtime victory. 

However, the win didn’t come without its share of controversy. On 4th and 1 on OSU’s 2OT possession, quarterback J.T. Barrett called his own number. He ran and collided with a teammate who appeared to be on the first down line marked by ABC and fell to the ground with the ball clearly behind the line. 

The play was ruled a first down and the very next play was an Ohio State rushing touchdown. Many Michigan fans feel that the refs cost Michigan the game. They point to not only this play, but the fact that the majority of penalties were called against the Wolverines. Michigan players and their coach, Jim Harabaugh, share that sentiment.

In my opinion, J.T. Barrett got a favorable call on that 4th and 1 play. However, that call, those missed calls, or any call made by officials in this game did not lose the game for the Wolverines. What lost the game for Michigan was Michigan itself. 

Quarterback Wilton Speight, who was battling a shoulder injury, threw two interceptions and fumbled the ball on the one yard line in the third quarter. The defense couldn’t contain Barrett’s rushing attack when it mattered most. Oh, and those aforementioned penalties? Yeah, some of those were warranted. 

Although some of those were warranted, there was one extremely moronic penalty that really hurt the Wolverines. Jim Harabaugh was called for an unsportsmanlike penalty after throwing his playbook and spiking his headset. Yes, Harabaugh was acting out of emotion, but it’s something he shouldn’t have done knowing there was a possibility he would’ve been flagged.

Overall, this was one hell of a game. There is absolutely no denying that. However, this whole perception of “Michigan was robbed” is absolutely incorrect. Michigan shot themselves in the foot and they lost. It’s as simple as that, ladies and gentlemen.

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