How Malone Will Change the Nuggets

Just a few days ago, Michael Malone became the newest face to coach the struggling Denver Nuggets. With Malone now signed, he’s stated the biggest change he wants to make is with the tempo. The Nuggets statistically were one of the slower-paced teams last season, so Malone is hoping by changing the small things, big rewards will come.

The last two seasons for Malone, coaching for the Sacramento Kings, his record was a mere 39-67. When asked about the pace Malone wishes to play at, he stated; 

“All players say they want to play fast, but are they willing to condition themselves to be a great running team, where you can run for 48 minutes?” Malone said. “A lot of guys are not ready to make that full commitment. That’s something I look forward to working with them on and demanding from them, so we can become an efficient running team.

Information was even found out that Malone is studying tape from the Nuggets back from the 2008-09 season, where they made it all the way to the Western Conference Finals. 

Although Malone is in a tricky situation, coaching a team that has recently struggled when it comes to executing the simple tasks such as scoring. Will he be able to turn things around? 

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