How Did Jimmy Garoppolo Do In First Start Of The 2016 Preseason?


Leading up to the preseason, the main story for the New England Patriots is how would Jimmy Garoppolo do in the preseason to get ready for the first 4 games of the season starting at quarterback.

In the first quarter, Garoppolo did not look that great, missing receivers and not completing a lot of his passes. During his last drive of the first quarter, he looked well throwing the ball to Marcellus Bennett but it did not make a difference since the team did not score on that drive.

In the second quarter, Garoppolo had a great start to the quarter throwing a short pass to James White, who ran 56 yards for a big time  reception. That pass set up a one yard run by LeGarrette Blount for the touchdown.

Garoppolo also showcased his running ability on a 4th down play with two yards until the first down. He could not find any receivers open on the play, so he scrambled out of the pocket running for four yards on the play, picking up a 1st down.For the rest of the second quarter, Garoppolo looked sharp in the pocket making great plays with his arm and his feet. 

After the second quarter, he was subbed out for rookie Jacoby Brissett.   Garoppolo finished the first half of the game completing 11 out of 18 passes for 168 yards, rushing for 4 yards.

At the end of the day, Garoppolo did well for only being in the game for the first half. He shook off the struggles and produced great numbers in the second quarter. He looked great in the pocket, throwing good sharp passes to the receivers and making an impact with his feet.  

Even though it is the preseason, he looked well for his first start of the preseason. There are still three more games to go in the preseason, so he has to produce good numbers to get ready for the first four games of the season, New England will be in great hands when Tom Brady retires and Garoppolo becomes the starting quarterback.

Photo Credit: Associated Press

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